Mossack Fonseca: Promotes Copyright Protection in Panama

The Intellectual Property Division of the Mossack Fonseca Group will take part in the first Blogger Influencer Week as a leading company promoting the importance of a blog’s content registration and copyright protection.

The organizers mainly seek to develop opportunities to enhance Panama as a tourist and business platform by promoting the talent of the most recognized, respected, and influential national and international bloggers.

“Panama City will once again play a leading role in an avant-garde event that is full of innovation with the first Blogger Influencer Week. As a leading company in our industry, we support these kinds of initiatives for the purpose of communicating and sharing the importance of copyright registration and protection,” stated the head of the Mossack Fonseca Intellectual Property Division, Ms Raquel Araúz.

Ms Araúz added that they have expanded their suite of services, aka Multiple Intellectual Property Services (MIPS), to guarantee the complete protection of trademarks, patents, and copyrights―thereby avoiding the counterfeiting and imitation of their clients’ products and services, both nationally and internationally.

The first Blogger Influencer Week will take place from 27th February to 5th March 2016 with various events to be held in the Republic of Panama. For more information regarding MIPS, please follow @mossfonmips in twitter using hashtag#

#CuidaTusIdeas. Read Article here.


Steve Pohlit: Meir Ezra and Guaranteed Results

Follow the Processes and You Cannot Fail

Those are the words that first caught my attention in November 2012. Since that time I have invested over 1,000 hours in training with Meir Ezra and supporting resources. It is not the training that results in the guarantee. It is the application of the training that allows Meir to clearly state with every product offered that he guarantees you will be happy with the event or course or coaching. If not your money is returned.

What Is The Secret Behind Offering An Iron Clad Guarantee?

There is not secret! Here is the formula and I know because I now work with him and I am responsible for the Division that delivers coaching and courses. The formula.

  1. Deliver amazing content that is so valuable for building a business and is founded on principles of personal ethics and happiness.
  2. Structure a coaching system where the client sees progress daily and when they do not they understand what action is needed. This system like other business processes begins with clear targets. These targets are part of a bigger picture of developing a client organization that has seven divisions in harmony. The larger picture is in line of site however, this ideal scene is developed by producing income from transactions. The faster the client is able to produce income the sooner the idea scene can be painted. The daily and weekly focus is on answering the question “what do I need to do today to get the lead that I want, sell the product or service I want – in other words what do I need to do today to achieve my daily weekly monthly etc goals?” Of course that is how the client is guided by the coach.
  3. Meir leads the team that delivers the services to the clients. This does not just mean he is at the top of the Organization Board. This means he tracks everything that is being done and in the case of coaching there is a third party quality control system that includes a written report and a recording that goes directly to Meir and the coach.
  4. Meir Ezra teaches and lives the principle “we are the cause”! This means if the client is not succeeding it is because of the teacher not the client unless there is a personal behavior barrier for the client. Even then Meir’s view is let’s help the person then we can restore helping them build their business.

This is only a “birds eye” view of the process. For me personally, I have consistently achieved success with coaching clients. Now that I am applying what Meir teaches, I am seeing the success curve increasing much more rapidly. Here is one example and we have quite a few developing at this point: One of our clients has a definitive skill but was not using that skill to make money. He was working on an idea for a different business when we met him. Meir looked at this situation and in a couple minutes outlined the plan for him making money. I called him today since he had not responded to several emails and he is normally very good about that. He apologized and said he has just been busy working with companies and making money. I will get an update on then numbers in a few days. I already know he is on track to exceed his targeted monthly income.

I will end with this: As a coach I am accountable for the success of those I coach. As a Div Head I am accountable for the success of all in the coaching program. With the support of Meir Ezra and by following the processes the clients will achieve and in most cases exceed their success expectations. I am very happy to be able to write this with such certainty.

Asaba Group Holdings: History/About Us

Victor Edozien is the President and CEO of SET Enterprises, Inc. In addition he is the Founder/Managing Principal of The Asaba Group, Inc.- a strategy consulting/private equity holding company (Asaba Group Holdings) and is a veteran of the US Army. He has been in the automotive business for over 10 years and operates other automotive businesses under AG-Manufacturing, Inc. (AG Manufacturing – Michigan) with locations in Michigan, Illinois, and Alabama. Victor has over 15 years of experience in strategic planning, revenue growth strategy, acquisition strategies and business turnarounds/improvement. Edozien holds a BS in Electrical Engineering, BA Geology with Mathematics, MS in Engineering, and a MBA in Finance & Operations Management. He is currently a Wharton Fellow at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and CEO Connection. He is a board member of Real Life 101 Scholarship and Mentoring Program (Real Life 101 > Home); a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to improving the higher education opportunities of at-risk inner-city African American males.

Tokyo Mothers Group: Play Areas in Tokyo

While it would be impossible to include ALL the play areas in Tokyo, we wanted to list some of our members’ favourite play areas.

If there is a play area that you know and love, please let us know about it! Email us at


Akasaka  “kids to teens hall

It’s free for minato residents and non residents can also attend for a minimal cost.



Is a government run play center, free of charge, to Minato-ku residents. It is staffed with professional care-givers 10AM-6PM every day of the week and on public holidays.

Tel number: 03-5114-9900


Children’s Castle

On aoyama dori (next door to the UN University) It has a rooftop play area with little bikes, a painting/crafts area (take your own apron) music room, library, a large general play area full of different toys and activities.


TA Plaza

At Shirokane Takanawa station. The play centre is completely free and right above the station. It’s perfect for a rainy day They also have a library of English books which you can borrow.


Shibaura Island

The whole building is part of a new development. It has a baby toy room, an art room (where they have occasional art/craft projects/classes, mostly seasonal holiday decorations, held in Japanese), a computer room, large foam block room, lunch area and library (with some children’s books in English), and a large ‘gym’ with baby bicycles and a big ball pit. There is a Peacock supermarket right across the street from it, so you can stock up on snacks or bento before going in.


Asobono, Tokyo Dome

ASOBono is divided into five themed areas: “ocean”, “town”, “train station”, “forest”, and “babies-only area”.  TIckets are sold by the hour with an option to extend your time there or buy a day pass.


Local jidokan

They are play areas run by local authorities that are free and usually for local residents. They also often do playgroups, (though in Japanese). Check with your local ward office for details of your local Jidokan.


Kid O Kid

Climbing walls, ball pool, bouncy castle, baby corner and much more. This play centre is a real treat for children but can get busy at weekends. They have various branches across Tokyo and Japan.

Tokyo Mothers Group: Fundraising Activities

TMG is an entirely independent, non-profit association run by volunteers.  However, we do need our members’ help to fund some of our activities and keep our website up and running.  Please support us in whatever way you can.


We are always accepting donations, no matter how small.  To make a cash donation, please contact any of the TMG Coordinators at our meetings or events.  Or, you can make a donation through Paypal using the link below.

The Bradley Smoker Story

Bradley Smoker really got started when my Dad did a deal with a master food smoker back in the seventies. The story goes that this master smoker knew nothing about catching salmon and asked my Dad for some advice. Dad said if he wanted to learn how to catch fish, he was going to have to teach my Dad how to smoke salmon. It was a hell of a lot easier to catch salmon back then. If this agreement happened today, I doubt Bradley Smoker would have gotten very far.

Anyway this master smoker learned how to catch salmon. My Dad basically told him the cardinal rule of fishing? Do not fish where there are no fish, period.

So the guy kept his promise, gave my Dad some smoker recipes, keeping it simple with very common ingredients and told my Dad the secret to food smoking. He said you must control the smoke, plain and simple. Back then that meant constantly attending to the sawdust, never letting the heat being generated by the burning sawdust get too high, and most important, never letting the wood burn down to an ash. Watch the wood being burned, when it starts to have glowing ambers, and there are flecks of white ash appearing, get rid of it. Replace it immediately with new sawdust and continue smoking as the recipe requires. That’s it, simple huh? I just gave it away?

Not quite yet I am afraid, there is a lot to food smoking that I am still learning about every day. I am reminded by all the food smokers out there that we still have many things to uncover, never been tried before. Soon to be the latest and greatest recipe you have got to try. We will try to keep you posted.

Want to know more about us, keep reading. I promise not to leave anything out.

With this simple principle about food smoking firmly entrenched in my Dad’s masters list of principles.

The Tyler Group: Bush-tijdperk belastingverlagingen verlopen te ontwijken fiscale klif –design21sdn

The Tyler Group

De slimme aanpak van de “fiscale klif” — de belasting en uitgaven wijzigingen gepland voor einde van het jaar dat zou begrotingstekorten scherp gesneden na verloop van tijd, maar waarschijnlijk gooien de economie in een recessie volgend jaar — is vervangen door een meer fiscaal en economisch juiste pakket. In het bijzonder moeten wij allen de Bush-tijdperk belastingverlagingen verlopen, restanten van de automatische bezuinigingen (“sequestration”) en vervang ze met een evenwichtig pakket dat verhoogt van ontvangsten en uitgaven op de lange termijn, terwijl het verstrekken van meer tekort gefinancierde stimulans tijdens volgend jaar of zo te stimuleren het zwak herstel.

Beleidsmakers geconfronteerd met tal van hindernissen te knutselen dergelijke een ‘grand koopje.” Hier is een die de Tyler groep Barcelona suggereren dat moet onmiddellijk opzij gezet: de overtuiging dat de stimulerende maatregelen zij vastgesteld ter bestrijding van de grote recessie inefficiënt waren, een belangrijke bron van ons probleem van tekort zijn, en daarom moeten niet worden geprobeerd opnieuw. Niets zou verder van de waarheid.

In The Tyler groep Barcelona Hand en hamer eerdere post, uitgelegd dat de stimulans gewerkt omdat zonder, de terugwinning van de recessie zwakker, met hogere werkloosheid zou zijn geweest. Bovendien werkte het zonder toevoeging aanzienlijk op lange termijn tekorten of schulden.

The Tyler Group