The Bradley Smoker Story

Bradley Smoker really got started when my Dad did a deal with a master food smoker back in the seventies. The story goes that this master smoker knew nothing about catching salmon and asked my Dad for some advice. Dad said if he wanted to learn how to catch fish, he was going to have to teach my Dad how to smoke salmon. It was a hell of a lot easier to catch salmon back then. If this agreement happened today, I doubt Bradley Smoker would have gotten very far.

Anyway this master smoker learned how to catch salmon. My Dad basically told him the cardinal rule of fishing? Do not fish where there are no fish, period.

So the guy kept his promise, gave my Dad some smoker recipes, keeping it simple with very common ingredients and told my Dad the secret to food smoking. He said you must control the smoke, plain and simple. Back then that meant constantly attending to the sawdust, never letting the heat being generated by the burning sawdust get too high, and most important, never letting the wood burn down to an ash. Watch the wood being burned, when it starts to have glowing ambers, and there are flecks of white ash appearing, get rid of it. Replace it immediately with new sawdust and continue smoking as the recipe requires. That’s it, simple huh? I just gave it away?

Not quite yet I am afraid, there is a lot to food smoking that I am still learning about every day. I am reminded by all the food smokers out there that we still have many things to uncover, never been tried before. Soon to be the latest and greatest recipe you have got to try. We will try to keep you posted.

Want to know more about us, keep reading. I promise not to leave anything out.

With this simple principle about food smoking firmly entrenched in my Dad’s masters list of principles.